Quick Ways to Get Money Online For Those Who Are Busy

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As you enter this new year, it is worthwhile to consider having your cash flow in a good shape, would you? And as new challenges and opportunities come up in the way, setting up financial goals particularly of this year is a good way to start. Some people begin by evaluating financial problems from the previous year.

What about you? What financial problems did you encounter last year? Share your experience in the comment below.

Common financial problems some people have (especially during the big holiday season) are overspending and consumptive debt. During those times, people prefer spending more rather than saving.

As a result, they end up with debt or zero money on the savings account. Another problem is some find it’s hard to invest in assets because they simply don’t know how or not sure about their investment product.

These issues indeed can leave some of you depressed or worried thinking about how hard you should work to pay off your bills. You might ask, “how do I pay my debts if I have a limited income?” and wind up thinking of working long hours in the office.

By identifying the sources that cause your budget to decrease, it helps to determine a possible solution. If you are a busy worker and face these issues, getting money online is worth a try.

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Why you should consider this option? Having several online incomes could meet some or even all of your monthly expenses. That’s why adding more income will give you the chance to allocate active income into saving and investment.

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Busy workers have limited time to do the things they dream of, particularly if it is not their dream job. Developing an online income into a passive one could give the financial freedom that allows you to leave your job and pursue the work you love doing. It also means having more time – which you didn’t have before- for your loved ones.

But if you want to generate fast cash flexible and it doesn’t require so much of your time, some online income provided you just that. With that said, let’s dig into some online gigs to start making money as quickly as possible.

#1 Earn Money From Online Apps

There are more than 100 online gigs that actually make money for you. If you get enough tight-daily working schedule, don’t worry. By utilizing some of these applications you can earn money fast without taking much of your time.

#Publish your photograph and get paid

If you had the skill of capturing pictures from a good angle and love taking pictures while traveling, don’t hesitate to publish them and get paid. Maybe you don’t know that there are people who’ll be interesting and are willing to pay for your pictures. Here are some places where you can sell your photos at a pretty good price.

    Adobe Stock




I discussed in detail each of these apps.

#Online survey

Even in the middle of your busy schedule, you can earn money simply by taking a survey. Why not do it when break time. Most surveys require some personal information.

Therefore, read the policy carefully and be sure it is a trustworthy company. On top of that make sure you don’t mind giving your personal information asked by the company.

To maximize your earning from this gig, try signing up for several surveys. Since you’ll receive a lot of notification in your email, create an email to help you easily manage the inbox. The good thing about this gig is that you could choose for a topic that you’re most interested in. They vary from sport to lifestyle.

2 companies have a good track record in this niche. They are trustworthy, have experiences and offer good pricing. Besides, it is accessible to everyone from different nationalities.



#Make some cash by surfing the internet.

Do you know that by daily visiting some sites you’ll receive money even up to $75 a year? While that’s a relatively small amount you can use the money for a little treat or reward to yourself.

By using an application namely Upvoice, you’ll get another reward. It is in the form of tokens. Simply redeem them for a selection of e-gift cards. And if you took some surveys, you can earn even more. Amazon, Youtube, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter are sites you need to visit.

#2 Maximize Online Marketplace

Some websites (including your own) could be the tool to gain some money. Unlike the online app, using websites to make money can take a longer time, particularly if you just started a new one. However, if the business is done consistently, it sure will give you a decent return.


This is one of the most flexible and relatively easy online business you can do. Though you’d wait for some time to earn money, this gig requires almost zero money to begin. You’ll only need WiFi, a smartphone or a laptop and a supplier.

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In this venture, you act as a reseller of your supplier’s product. The difference between the traditional reseller is that you don’t have to do all the inventory or the shipping. You just need to create an online shop to post the products with your pricing.

The challenge in this business is in the price and product. So be sure you research the market price before determining your own. Along with that, having a good inventory system and the rules you and your suppliers are agreed upon will help the business run smoothly in the long run.

#Sell pre-loved items online

Do you have items you don’t need but are still good enough to be used again? You can make money by selling them online. Here are several marketplaces you can utilize.




    Facebook marketplace

#Affiliate marketing

Posting a link of products to get cash is the idea of affiliate marketing. To do this, you’ll need a website or blog. Your role is as a marketing of a brand. When your visitors click the link, the business will reward you.

The advantages of this gig are you can raise the traffic, engage with more visitors and enlarge network from your website or blog. Pick up the brand or product that relates to sites to maximize more profit.

The easy way to start is to sign up in an affiliate marketplace such as Amazon (4% commission) and Clickbank (up to 75% commission).

#3 P2P Lending

Peer to peer lending (P2P) is a modern way to lend somebody money in relatively short-time with relatively fast return. It is easy because you don’t have to search for the borrowers. The company will provide them for you.

Another reason why you should consider this business is it is almost accessible for all classes of society because of the low capital. You can start even from Rp100.000 In the long term, it’s possible to be turned into a passive income.

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With more freedom you can have in this business such as deciding your borrowers, there also comes risk. Each company has a different policy so be sure you read the rules carefully before starting over. On top of that, check again if the company is registered in OJK (Otoritas Jasa Keuangan) to avoid scam.

In Indonesia, the largest one is Koinworks based on users. Other P2P are Amartha, Investree, Modalku, Danamas, and Uang Teman.

#4 Invest In The Stock

Stock is an ownership in a company. The illustration is like 3 people say A, B, and C who want to build a cafe. They need Rp100 million to do that. So, A give Rp50 million, B Rp30 million and C Rp20 million. So, each of them had ownership (of share): A =50 million/100 million =50%, B=30 million/100 million =30%, and C =20 million/100 million =20%.

This means that one company can be owned by hundreds or even more people. This is the basic concept of stock (ownership of a share). And there is a capital market, a place where a stock of companies is traded (exchanged). In Indonesia, it is BEI (Bursa Efek Indonesia).

Now, let’s talk a bit about the benefit of owning the stock. Investing in stock gives you several benefits. The inflation factor will make the value of money decreasing each year. Therefore, having a stock can protect your assets from inflation.

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Say that you bought car A Rp100 million in 2010. In 2015 the value of that car will shrink and if you want to sell it, the price would probably be Rp50 million.

Unlike stock, if you buy a stock of that car’s company, say company A, for Rp100 million with price Rp100/share in 2010, then after 5 years, the price of the stock could rise to Rp1000/share. It means that you’d get 100 billion rupiahs of profit.

This shows that to gain profit in a stock, a person must be sure that the price of stock she/he buys will rise. That’s why it is very important to make your research before buying a company’s stock.

Other benefits to enjoy are stock is easy to be traded. With online trading, you could do transactions flexible through a smartphone. Besides that, the stock is liquid (easy to be traded and converted into cash). You don’t have to find a buyer or seller to start trading.

On top of that, the capital it takes is relatively small. You can start trading stock from Rp500.000 or Rp100.000 (for university students).

After understanding the benefit, now let’s see how to gain profit from investing in a stock.

#Buying stock that pays a dividend

A dividend is a profit/income given to you for having a stock of a company. Some dividends are paid monthly, quarterly or annually, depending on the company. So, if you seek to meet a monthly expense this investment vehicle is just for you.

It is a duty for those who want to buy a stock to research the company profile (including financial statements and track record in the business) before choosing a stock. Today there are more than 500 stocks of a company registered in BEI.

In Indonesia, some big companies pay off dividends in June, November, and December. To see the information on the payments schedule, go to KSEI (Kustodian Sentral Efek Indonesia).

#Selling stock to get capital gain

Another way to obtain a return from stock is to sell the stock when its price is higher. Let’s say you buy stock D for Rp5.000/share and sell it when the price is Rp5.500/share. The capital gain you will have is Rp500/share.

In other words, capital gain is a difference between selling and buying price.

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Investing in stock certainly takes more time, effort and discipline to learn compared to the other ways mentioned before. However, you’d be grateful when you can turn this investment into your passive income stream. Not only that, in the long run, it helps you to get your financial freedom.

So, what is your view before and after reading this part of investing in a stock?

If you are new on investing stock, download freely e-book about guide for investing in stock here or Finansialku application. You can download Finansialku application in Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

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#5 Buy an Online Business

Going with buying an online business could be a better choice if the amount of time and energy you have is not enough to take care of the whole business process yourself. In the long run, you can develop it into passive streams.

Therefore, picking up a business that has steady growth annually each year is important. You won’t expect a shrinking revenue, right? Because a good business can be expensive (they worth million to billion rupiahs), be sure that it has these other important elements in the following:

    Has different sources of income to support a stable return, not depend on one source alone

    Has a good (high) traffic from a variety of sources

    Has already established system of marketing

    Has a stable return monthly

    Has a good track record of sales and profit

There are several ways to look for a profitable online business. The good news is you can find tons of sites for sale in several online marketplaces. Communicate your price with the seller through the feature on the site. Some sites use an auction system that lets you place your bid price.

Remember to research the site before buying it. Find out whether the business is a scam. Just because a site has a good profile posted in the marketplace (such as profit, years of operation or site age), doesn’t mean it is legit.

Here are some sites to look for: Flippa, Exchange, BizBuySell, Website Broker, and Freemarket. By buying online business hopefully, you could make money quickly, invest and save more of your time and energy.


Having a busy schedule and had to work from 9am to 5 pm can be depressing when you want to have more income to fulfill your financial goals.

But you still can make money relatively easy and quick through some online platforms mentioned above.

The bottom line is to pick up one or several online streams that fit within your busy schedule, financial needs and goals, and your passion.

Making money online surely could help solve some financial problems and make your financial dreams come true.

If you find this article helpful, please share it with those who want to add up their income easily and quickly.


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